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A fight for dominance

Reblog if you would marry your icon.

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I don’t know how to control myself anymore. I’m so happy and excited and overwhelmed and my heart honestly feels like exploiding from happiness.

I love James so much, and him joining Real Madrid is like a dream come true. <3

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Yes, I heard that he [James] signed yesterday. And to be honest I think he’s a fantastic player. Real Madrid also bought Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich, so I think they’ve invested very well. They will be a great reinforcement for the team. I’m looking forward to playing with them.
~ Cristiano Ronaldo, 22/07/2014 (via cr7forbeastmode)
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James Rodriguez officially joined Real Madrid from Monaco AS with £63 million.

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Welcome to Arsenal, Mathieu Debuchy

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Real Madrid’s new German midifielder Toni Kroos poses with his new team’s jersey during his presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid July 17, 2014.

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La primera mañana de Kroos como nuevo jugador del Real Madrid [The first morning of Kroos as new player of Real Madrid]

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The Belgian National Team celebrate getting through to the quarter finals of the World Cup in front of their fans. 

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